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 Semi Permanent Make-up 

Imagine looking like yourself only better.... Semi permanent make-up helps give back what time has taken away, enhances what you already have and saves precious time "putting on your face" It is perfect for those who have make-up allergies, have difficulty seeing to apply make-up or no time to do so. It does not replace conventional make-up but waking up with lovely brows and or eyeliner...a bit of lip gloss and you are ready to go!!
I use the best products, anesthetics, pigments etc ensuring a virtually pain free procedure.  Each area requires two procedures around five weeks apart...we have made the cake now we need to ice it. You will however, directly after your procedure look as if you have "overdone it a bit", it takes a few days to calm down, heal and soften, you can expect the area to fade by approx 25%
I also perform corrective work on brows, lip lines which have been misplaced or just the wrong colour...a consultation is always advised to determine your needs.
I practice in Essex, Epping and Suffolk. Please mail me for more info.

Semi permenent make-up is ideal for those who:

Are allergic to conventional cosmetics

Suffer from hay fever or watery eyes

Have vision imparement and problems with make-up application
Lip line has lost it's definition, thinning lips or colour has faded
Have lost hair due to illness or medication
Eyebrows, without a doubt are the most sought after procedure.  Properly created eyebrow enhancement can create a natural looking, fuller eyebrow by using fine individual hair strokes, a more solid look or a combination brow creating a lovely soft background. The results are amazing and immediately give back definition, an instant lift and can correct symmetry and expression.
Eye enhancements make such a difference, any style of enhancement can be created and tailored to suit, whether it's a subtle look to make the lashes appear denser and thicker or an eyeliner, the choice is yours.

Lip procedures give an immediate youth boost as fuller lips are definitely more desirable. Lips are softly outlined to define and correct proportion, and by blending colour under the line, a blushing effect is created.....a dab of lip gloss and you have perfect lips 24/7.

Consultations are free, so please feel free to pop in for some guidance over a beverage to discuss your requirements or concerns, or call for more information.

To view technique examples visit our photo gallery:



Eyebrows, Hairstroke or Powder Brow:    250

Combination Brow, Hairstroke and Shading:    275

Eye enhancements top and bottom:    250
Eyeliner Top:    250
Eyeliner top and bottom:    275
Lip line:    250
Lip blush:    299

Colour Boost

3 - 9 months  120

12 - 14 months  150
 Discount given with two or more procedures booked for the same time.

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